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As organizations everywhere look to digitize their operations, transforming physical documents into digital formats is a common low-hanging fruit to pick. This is usually done with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), where images of text (the scanned physical document) are converted into machine text, via one of several well-developed text-recognition algorithms. Document OCR performs best when working with printed text against a clean background, with consistent paragraphing and font size.

In practice, this scenario is far from the norm. …

Picture: Residential developments in Singapore. Courtesy of Kelvin Zyteng and Unsplash

If you’ve ever been in the market for private residential properties in Singapore, you might have come across phrases like the following while looking through ads for potential projects: “undervalued”, “strong value”, or “rare opportunity”.

Whether you are looking to purchase for personal residency, rental or investment purposes, a major consideration on your mind would probably be the amount of value appreciation as the property ages, or how much you can resell the property for on the market. If every project claims to possess strong appreciation value, does it really matter where you place your hard-earned money?

That’s a strawman…

Jason Lim

Data Science Padawan

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